9 ways to celebrate a hole-in-one

Belly bump, beer throw, cha-cha-cha

1 The lower belly bump

When you're hyped, but have no ups.

Andrew Johnson hole-in-one.gif

2 The throw-more-beers wave

When the crowd needs new beers and you oblige.

Molinari Waste management 2.gif

3 The "Rocky" pose

When you're a legend, you can celebrate like one.

Rory McIlroy hole-in-one Dubai.gif

4 The double-barrel fist pump

When you went dancing the night before, and this was your go-to move.

JB Holmes double fist pump.gif

5 The been there, done that

When you've made a half dozen aces.

Chad Cambell hole-in-one.gif

6 The stunned disbelief

When you have no idea you just made a hole-in-one but everyone else does.

Ben MArtin ace.gif

7 The caddie high five

When your caddie is more amped than you.

Byrd hole-in-one.gif

8 The caddie race

When you want to beat your caddie to the green, but they're faster than you.

Patrick Reed sprint.gif

9 The cha-cha-cha

When you're suave and have rhythm.

Angel dance 3.gif

10 So nice, he did it twice.

Jiminez Dance.gif

11 Make that three times after today.

Miguel drops aces like 10-foot putts.

Miguel dance 4.gif