Front 9: Best talk-show moments in golf

It's always a good time whenever late night or daytime shows decide to throw in some golf.

Here are a few cool, funny and special golf moments that have gone down on talk-show stages around the world. Here are our favorite nine:

1 Colbert hits driver, Spieth smashes driver

“Holy S#!*”

~ Stephen Colbert after seeing (and hearing) Jordan Spieth bomb one in the Ed Sullivan theater.

2 Ellen holds her own against TW

Ellen didn't back down from the undisputed top player in the world at the time.

And why would she, she's Ellen.

After a Tiger-esque moment, Ellen stepped up and let her swing do the talking for her.

3 Colbert calls out Barkley, Sir Charles opens up

Now we know the real reason Barkley doesn’t like to play charity events, and the truth behind his "mental block."

We feel your pain, Chuck.

4 Oprah reads heartfelt letter by Earl Woods to Tiger

Wow - this is deep.

Tender words that reduced one of the most iconic sports figures to tears. Really shows a side of Tiger and his dad that most have never seen.

5 Rory plays Fallon in Facebreakers, Tiger coaches

Jimmy Fallon's fresh spin on indoor-golf.

Super fun segment featuring two of the biggest names in the game.

6 Rory makes his TV debut

Rory McIlroy's "hello, world" moment came as a 10-year-old on the “Gerry Kelly Show.”

If you have ever seen the European Tour commercial "Rory vs The Robot" and wondered what the deal was with washing machines, here is your answer.

7 Conan Vs. Tiger: An epic showdown

Note: Sorry for the funky aspect ratio.

Conan faces-off against Tiger at literally his own game.

The whole thing is a fun watch, but what happens at around the 3:50 mark is the best.

8 Tequila + mini-golf = a good time with JT and Jonathan Ross

Alcohol and golf aren’t strangers, but this is taking things to the next level.

Justin Timberlake's game is pretty strong, but let's see how he holds up after a few tequila shots on this putt-putt course.

9 JT shows off sharp iron game against Kimmel

Remember earlier when I said JT's game was strong? This video backs it up. Jimmy Kimmel, on the other hand, could use a lesson or two.

A mix between solid on-air chemistry and a hilariously bad music selection was enough to make this video round out our Front 9.

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