Skratch Awards - October

Sweetest Win: Hideki Matsuyama

There are a few reasons Hideki’s win in Shanghai was this month’s sweetest..

First, Matsuyama became the youngest winner of the WGC-HSBC at 24 years old, surpassing Martin Kaymer when he won as a 26-year-old in 2011. (Neat sidetone: Pat Reed’s the youngest WGC winner of all time).

Second, this …


Next, this …

And that doesn't even include a win in Japan’s national open two weeks ago.

Lastly, it’s the biggest/most lucrative win of his young career.

We know it’s early and this kind of stuff is said way too much, but for real, watch out for this guy in 2017.

Other nominee: Justin Thomas

If JT ever needs a boost of confidence, he should head straight to Kuala Lumpur.

Opening and closing rounds of 8-under 64 and a three shot win for back-to-back CIMB titles.

Rickie was especially stoked:

Justin hit it long and strong all week. Kind of like this …

Other nominee: Padraig Harrington

First win since Honda in 2015. Padraig had to sink a testy 4-footer to seal the deal outright.

Then, the real celebration could begin.

This win wasn't only sweet for Padraig, either. Someone made out nicely off of his performance, as well:

Andy Sullivan came in second, one shot off Harrington. Funny thing about that …

Padraig played lights out all week, most notably his short game, and the win was well deserved.

Though, not everyone was impressed:

Other nominee: Doug Garwood

After years of never tasting sweet victory, Doug Garwood finally got it done, and did so with authority.

Garwood knocked 54-hole leader Bernhard Langer out of the driver’s seat early on Sunday and never looked back, firing an 8-under 64 in the final round.

Strong playing. Now if he could only teach us how to Dougie …

Photo of the Month - Rickie Fowler

Source: Huge shoutout to Sam Greenwood of Getty Images for somehow getting this shot.

And if you didn’t hear the real story behind this photo, you’re totally not going to believe it …

Other nominee: Rory and Sergio

Biggest Bummer - Tiger’s WD

It still hurts to bring it up. But let’s face it, Big Cat’s early ejection from Safeway was probably for the best. He’ll be back in December (we hope):

But if you still need to talk about it, we’re here for you.

That’s the thing about Tiger, though. No matter what he does, haters gonna have their say …

Biggest Upset - HV3 vs. Steph Curry

Most Convincing Use of Photoshop - Justin Thomas

Here’s the problem, it was too convincing …

Most Savage - Us pranking a bunch of newbies

Other nominee: Danny Lee’s potential wedge stamp

Most Underratedly Hard Job — These security guards

Strongest Fashion Statement - Cody Gribble’s dad

The popped collar is back, and it’s never looked better.

Well, 🤔, maybe it has looked better ...


The “Oh, HELL Nah” Award - This snake

The “Gotta Start Somewhere” Award - Max Homa

Earth’s Biggest Golf Fan - Yao Ming

Looks like the beginning of a new reality show.

BTW, that's the face Yao makes when he's heard too many "how's the weather up there" jokes in a day.

Best Blanket Substitute - Joe Miller’s Enormous Check