Skratch Awards - October 3rd

Welcome to the Skratch Awards, a celebration of everything that was great in golf this week.

Sweetest Win - Team USA

It took eight long years and a freaking task force, but the United States finally reclaimed the Ryder Cup, defeating Team Europe 17 to 11.

Eight years is a really long time:

The entire week was unbelievable, but two matches stuck out considerably:

Rory McIlroy V. Patrick Reed

Phil Mickelson V. Sergio Garcia

Patrick Reed took on the hottest golfer on the planet right now, and the two put on one of the greatest Ryder Cup grudge matches of all time.

This tweet basically sums it all up:

This match went the distance, ending with a Reed birdie that would secure a full point for the U.S. squad.

Now, Rory/Reed did something we’ll never forget, but Mickelson/Garcia put on the show of a lifetime. Nineteen (!!!!) combined birdies between the two: 10 for Phil and nine for Sergio, including two spectacular birdies on 18 to halve the match.

The entire week was a roller-coaster of emotion, and that’s what makes the Ryder Cup so great. Paris 2018 can’t come soon enough.

Luckiest Fan of the Week: Heckler dude

Heckling is generally frowned upon - it's super annoying, causes unneeded tension, makes you look like a jerk and makes others uncomfortable. That being said, David Johnson showed us all that it can have an upside.

After calling out Rory and Andy Sullivan for a putt they couldn’t hole, Johnson let them hear all about it. That's when Henrik Stenson pulled the dude out of the crowd and basically told him to put up or shut up.

David took Henrik up on his offer, and what happened next is the stuff of legend …

By the end of the week, he was a living the dream.

Club Toss of the Week (maybe of all time) - Henrik Stenson

Most American Spirit - This guy, for sure …

Bald Eagle Guy.jpg

I mean, COME ON ...

Bald Eagle Guy 2.jpg

Other nominee: Smylie Kaufman

Duo of the Week - McIlroy/Pieters

Paired together for three matches, these two weren’t down at any point going into Saturday afternoon four-balls.

Best Reaction Imitation - The Simpsons

Most Brutally Honesty - Danny Willett

And …

Most Heartfelt Goodbye - All of us to Arnold Palmer

Right after the epic finish last Sunday at the TOUR Championship, word spread quickly that Palmer had passed.

Before long, the tributes were pouring in from everywhere. Those who were closest to Arnie are the ones that gave us the feels.

We also had a tribute of our own …

Many who recognized Arnie didn’t come from the world of golf. There was Magic Johnson …

Justin Timberlake …

… and, of course, Kate Upton.

Even Steelers’ WR Antonio Brown showed his respect by sporting these Arnie-inspired kicks.

Side note: Antonio Brown is a huge fan of The King …

Just goes to show the impact this guy had on globalizing the game and making it look downright cool. Thanks for everything, King.