Welcome to the Skratch Awards, a celebration of everything that was great in golf this week.

In our new series From the Gut, Paul Gutkowski explains why you're all a bunch of cheaters on the golf course.

Archie Baird is a 91-year-old Scottish golf historian. We asked him his thoughts on the modern game.

How do you combine castles and golf? We needed some imagination from the locals in Scotland.

Links golf can be very interesting. Look no further than the 13th hole at Scotland's North Berwick.

The team from University of Delware shows us what a Nextgengolf event is all about.

In Japan, an ace comes with an obligation to throw a party for your friends and family. But there's one way to protect yourself: Hole-in-One Insurance.

Leh, India, is the home of the world's highest golf course, which is only accessible to officers of the Indian Army. Or is it?

Angola Prison in Louisiana is situated on a massive piece of property. What to do with all that space? Build a golf course.

Documentary filmmaker Erik Anders Lang takes viewers on a tour around the globe searching for the craziest, most intriguing stories in golf. In this episode, Erik visits Mumbai in search of what the locals eloquently call “Slum Golf.” The adventure includes the construction of a slum stick, Erik behind the wheel of a tuk-tuk and an impromptu game of chess against a local.

Golf is full of strange people in strange places. Their stories make Adventures in Golf.