Here's a friendly reminder on what to do the next time you have to decide whether to putt it or chip it out the fringe.

Can the GolfMagic boys take down European Tour star Gary Boyd in a blindfold putting challenge?

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Can you get a GIR after spinning around your club 10x? Watch European Tour star Gary Boyd battle Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay of GolfMagic in the Hangover Challenge.

In the latest episode of From the Gut, Paul has a brief message for anyone who likes to yell after golf shots.

In this episode of Champions Dinner, Billy Andrade covers everything from butt-dialing Arnold Palmer to being part of Roy Munsen's entourage in "Kingpin", the 1996 sports comedy classic.

Welcome to the Skratch Awards, a celebration of everything that was great in golf this month.

If you weren't already hyped about Tiger's return, we put a little something together with the help of dj steve porter.

We held a closet to the pin challenge with several PGA TOUR Champions pros with a simple catch. You can only use a putter or a driver.

Paul Goydos has won 4 PGA TOUR Champions title. From shooting 59 to getting fined, and even playing with Donald Trump, Paul's seen it all.

We sat down with Rocco Mediate to discuss Tiger, poker and that famous U.S. Open.